Change your Knobs, Change your Look!

Change your Knobs, Change your Look!

March 21, 2020

Design is in the detail. Whether you're trying to spruce up a newly purchased piece of furniture or give new life to a family heirloom, you can make small changes aside of painting the piece, or getting rid of it all together. We've learned that making simple changes such as swapping out the knobs on your kitchen cabinets, or antique furniture can completely change the piece and the aesthetic in a subtle way. 

We've hand selected our knob collection to pair with ANY home decor style, from Bohemian to Victorian Gothic, we have every option to bring a new light to your favorite decor. 

Since we're professional interior designers you can always reach out via email, FB messenger or Instagram DM and request assistance or inquire about additional knob options for your home. We love helping our customers select the perfect option. Once you make the simple change you will notice instantly how the room changes and takes on a new feel without breaking the bank!

We stand by what we do and we live by what we say, "Change your Knobs, Change your Look!"


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